Saturday, January 22, 2022
Happening Now

Crossville Mulling Health Insurance Change

A proposal by Crossville City Manager Greg Wood could allow the city to reduce overall health insurance costs.

Wood’s plan calls for increasing city employee deductibles to save money then splitting the difference, leaving employees with only a $1,000 deductible to pay.

The city’s current deductible is $2,500 dollars. Wood’s proposal would raise the deductible to $6,850, meaning the city would cover $5,800.

If approved, the city would save some $321,000.

“What I’m proposing is using that $321,000 we are saving to take the employees deductible down to $1,000,” Wood said. “That $2,500 deductible really hurts these folks out there that are making $12 an hour.”

The council plans to hold a special-called meeting to discuss the potential change. So far the city has not set a date for that meeting.