Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Happening Now

Crossville Council Approves Water Leak Relief Program

Crossville City Council has approved a leak protection program for water and sewer customers.

Mayor James Mayberry said residential customers will pay an additional $1.65 for the service.

“They can opt out if they don’t wish to be included on that, but it’s going to be put on everybody’s bill right up front,” Mayberry said. “If they happen to have a leak, they call it in and claim on it just like insurance. They’re average 12 month bill will be all that they’re liable for during the month they incurred the leak.”

City council entered into a two-year contract with Water Leak Relief during Tuesday night’s meeting. The program becomes effective February 1, 2020.

“We think it’s a pretty good deal,” Mayberry said. “The people who think it’s a really good deal are the ones who have had major leaks in the past. I’ve heard of people with a water bill on a residence as high as over $4,000. Their meter was so far away from the house and they didn’t know it was leaking until after a month.”

Previously, Crossville would absorb half of a customers total water loss amount.