Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Crossville Applying For State Funds For License Plate Readers

Crossville Police Department wants to install license plate readers.

Police Chief Jessie Brooks said the state sending funds to the local level for violent crime prevention. Brooks said the city can receive up to $127,000.

“If you got a stolen car or some kind of information on a car that was involved in a crime, it will be able to spot the car if it is in town,” Brooks said. “We will be able to pinpoint where it is at.”

Brooks said the system snaps still photos that detail license plate numbers and any crimes related to it. Brooks said the gear is not used for traffic control and does not monitor speed. Brooks said high-traffic intersections near interstates will be the target.

Brooks said a portion of the funding would also be used for education efforts with schools.

“You can use it to educate officers in more current style of preventing violent crimes plus a little bit of money if you cooperate with other police agencies that you can get one large grant that helps you go into schools and identify projects and talk to kids about things like bullying,” Brooks said.

Brooks said the grant application is due in January. Brooks said it is not competitive, so securing the funding is likely.