Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Happening Now

CRMC’s 7th Street Patient Finance Center Opening January

Cookeville Regional’s patient finance offices will soon be relocating to a 7th Street building with a January 11th opening date.

Public Relations Director Melahn Finley said with the move, patients will no longer have to travel to the hospital to make in-person payments.

“The patients will probably find it much more convenient to visit the new locations after the first of the year,” Finley said. “The parking there is much easier. Parking spots will be located near the front door.”

Finley said the office provides room for future growth of the department. Finley said only minor renovations were needed to the 140 West 7th Street building.

“We had minor renovations,” Finley said. “That included new flooring, lighting and painting.”

Finley said the hospital will still have someone located on site at the North Tower available to accept payments. Bills can also be paid by mail, online and telephone.

“We provide four options to pay for a hospital bill,” Finley said. “It is certainly not required for the patient to come on site to pay a bill.”