Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Court Finds That Gainesboro Alderman Candidate Resides Outside City Limits

A court ruling over the Gainesboro Aldermen race found that the candidate questioning the results in fact did not reside within the city limits after submitting papers.

The election results were questioned after human error lead to some county voters receiving a city ballot. Election Administrator Drew McMillan said the court voided the contest of the election after the election office challenged Dennis White’s residency.

“Certain qualifications that he has to follow which is to live within the city,” McMillan said. “Whenever he turned his petition in, he met those, but since then, he was not living full-time at the residence that he put on his petition.”

McMillan said this closes the door on any questions about the election results. As for the human error portion, McMillan said a new ballot procedure that separates city and county ballots has been put into place.

“We have new applications for ballots for city voters and different ones for county voters, so that way registers and machine technicians can tell the difference,” McMillan said.

McMillan said extra training has also been implemented to ensure the same situation does not occur in the future. The state acknowledged the mistake but still approved the election results.