Sunday, June 26, 2022
Happening Now

County Health Director Hearing More Baby Formula Shipments Coming

Putnam County Health Department Director Lisa Bumbalough said she is hearing that increased shipments of baby formula are on the way.

Bumbalough said supply should be there if you check stores daily.

“We know there is limited supplies on shelves at different periods of time from one day to the next and that can change significantly based on the demand,” Bumbalough said. “What we are really trying to share with families is just check regularly with those stores.”

Bumbalough said the health department strongly discourages homemade formula and encourages breastfeeding if possible. Bumbalough said recommendations have also been released on the state health department website.

“Using homemade formula can also cause some additional health concerns for their baby,” Bumbalough said. “(…) Mother’s breast milk is always the best nutritional support for her baby if she’s able to do so.”

Bumbalough said on the state’s website, you can find a formula substitution list, options for low-income families and resources on healthy infant diets. Bumbalough said with so much information out there, communicating with your pediatrician should come before any decisions.

Bumbalough said you can access the website at\health.