Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Costs Of Additional School Board Seats Main Concern For Van Buren BOE

Van Buren County School Board Chair Ricky Walling said he does not have an issue if the school board increases to 10 members.

The Van Buren Commission has scheduled a work session for November 30th to discuss the possibility introduced by Commissioner William Maxwell. But, Walling said the only concern in his mind is the cost.

“We really don’t have too much of an issue with the five members that we have at this point,” Walling said. “If they feel that there is a need for it, I really have no problem with it other than it’s just extra costs associated to the school.”

Director of Schools Cheryl Cole said the extra five members would likely add about $12,000 to the budget paying for board meeting attendance. Cole said that does not include training and travel costs.

Maxwell sited concerns of the school’s handling of future budgets as the reason why he wanted to double the school board seats. Cole said in her opinion, the school board works well with five members.

“There’s a whole lot to a school budget and there’s a lot stuff that where we get federal money that the county doesn’t get like we do, and so it’s a different process,” Cole said. “I think we’re going to have to work together both of us so they can understand that process too because it took me a while to understand that process too.”