Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Happening Now

Cookeville Senior Center Participation Slowly Growing After Soft Reopen

Participation at the Cookeville Senior Center is slowly growing after being open for about a month.

Assistant Director Julie Laforest said the center is averaging about 25 senior visitors a day since soft opening May 3rd.

“Our bingo that we have on Wednesday’s, we have a good turnout for that,” Laforest said. “Our table tennis is thriving. There is about 10 people in that. We’ve got our drawing 101 class that has about six to eight people in there. Tai Chi is going well.”

Laforest said the center is doubling its soft opening hours starting June 1st. Laforest said rebuilding participation will be a slow process as seniors become more comfortable.

“We are working to get there for sure,” Laforest said. “But, we’re going by the CDC guidelines, so if you are vaccinated, then you don’t need to social distance or wear a mask if you don’t want to.”

Laforest said that the center pre-COVID had over 100 seniors a day.