Sunday, September 27, 2020
Happening Now

Cookeville Police Recieve New Cameras

The Cookeville Police Department will begin upgrades to their in-car camera systems and body cams this week.

Captain Bobby Anderson said improving the department’s technology is important for overall safety and accountability.

“The incidents, the calls and the contacts that are recorded are always reviewed by supervisors periodically,” Anderson said. “We spot check those to check for officer’s safety, as well as citizen’s safety. It also helps us when we have a citizen’s complaint. We can always refer back to the video and verify what happened during the call.”

Anderson said their current camera systems were outdated and needed a system with better functionality and reliable. The department conducted an extensive research process and tested different systems before giving Axon the bid. Wireless Soultions will be installing all the Axon cameras.

“This week the installation of the in-car systems have begun by a local business, and we expect that process to take about six to eight weeks to complete all the vehicles, and we expect our body worn cameras to be shipped and arrive to the police department in the next two to three weeks.”

The Cookeville Police Department has had in-car cameras since 1994 and body cams since 2015. The Cookeville City Council approved the expenditure Thursday night.