Monday, April 22, 2024
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Cookeville Council Approves Cumberland River Hospital Sale

Cookeville City Council has approved the sale of Cumberland River Hospital (CRH) in Celina.

In a press release, Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) states the unanimous vote allows CEO Paul Korth and Cookeville City Manager James Mills to complete the sale.

“We are glad to have a buyer for Cumberland River Hospital,” Korth said. “It’s been our hope all along that we would find a buyer that would keep health care services available in the Celina and Clay County area. The passing of this resolution allows us to work toward a closing date and finalize the sale of Cumberland River.”

CRMC’s Board of Trustees had voted last week to approve a $200,000 bid from Rural Hospitals & Clinics of America to purchase the real estate and hospital assets of CRH.

The CRMC board rejected a $300,000 bid by Celina Healthcare after finding out the bidders were not going to reopen the facility as a hospital. That rejection came after the board also turned down a $500,000 bid from Ohio-based Osborn Group after the bidders couldn’t secure funding.

Rural Hospitals & Clinics of America is led by Crossville nurse practitioner Johnny Pressley.