Wednesday, July 1, 2020
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Cookeville Buys Property For Downtown Parking
The Cookeville City Council purchased property at 29 Cedar Avenue last month. The site will be a future parking lot for the Central Business District.

Cookeville Buys Property For Downtown Parking

The City of Cookeville secured additional parking for the Central Business District Thursday.

City Council voted to purchase a .29 acre property at North Cedar Avenue for $325,000.

City Manager James Mills said the site should accommodate a little more than 20 parking spaces.

“This is not going to be immediate. We’ve got a lot of other projects going on, and it will probably be this time next year before we even start with the construction,” Mills said. “They don’t make anymore property and this was an opportunity to get some so that we can address our parking needs in the Central Business District.”

The city will eventually demolish three storage facilities that occupy the property right now. Councilman Eric Walker said he would like the city to save a mural painted on one of the storage units.

“I’m all for this project. I think more parking downtown in the future is a good thing,” Walker said. “I hope that we can save the mural if it’s structurally possible, but I think this is a great project for Cookeville.”

Cookeville Public Works will be in charge of conducting the project.