Monday, June 17, 2024
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Clay School Board Approves 48 Passenger Bus

A new 48 passenger bus bid was approved by the Clay County School Board Thursday night.

The system used a grant for three larger buses, this bus will be paid for by the school system. Director of Schools Matt Eldridge said they received two bids, and selected the $83,000 bid.

“This was a 48 passenger bus, we usually get a 78, but a 48 will fit on some of the back roads,” Eldridge said. “That we don’t have a good turnaround at, is why we get a smaller bus.”

Eldridge said this is a replacement for an older bus. He said that the price of buses have gone up since recent school bus grants became available to school systems. Eldridge said the $83,000 price is now similar to what 78 passenger buses cost before grants started coming in.