Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Clay County HS Repainting Sportsplex To Solve Issues For Baseball

The Clay County High School Sportsplex is getting a new look after concerns from the baseball team.

Principal Teia Arms said that the baseball coach brought up the need for a new paint scheme before the season started. Arms said that the sand color was putting off a glare on sunny days that was affecting pitchers.

“The complex itself is painted a dark matte black,” Arms said. “We got a more expensive paint so it’s more weather resistant and sun resistant so it won’t fade. Then we’re going to put a purple stripe kind of in the center.”

Arms said the lettering will also come down and be repainted gold before being remounted. She said there is still some painting left to finish on the building but the goal is to complete the project by next week.

“It’s actually almost finished, of course he can’t paint while we have games going on, that’s been the issue,” Arms said. “And when we don’t have a game it’s raining.”

Arms said repainting the sportsplex was a known need, but when she heard it was causing baseball players issues the project got prioritized. The Clay County High School Sportsplex is centered around the baseball, softball and football fields.