Monday, June 17, 2024
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Clay County HS Nursing Classes Recognized As TN Pathways Program

Clay County High School’s TCAT Nursing Services Program was recognized this week as a Tennessee Pathways program.

Health Science Instructor Stacie Franklin said the CNA program will be the first step in any medical program her students choose to follow. Franklin said the biggest change she has seen is students viewing CNA certification as just the beginning to a fulfilling career.

“It excites me that they’re actually to take my classes to get a good foundation,” Franklin said. “Because you can’t be a good nurse and you can’t give good patient care, if you can’t take care of a patient when they’re in their most vulnerable state.”

Franklin said that becoming a Tennessee Pathways program means Clay County High School’s program graduates have industry certifications needed to begin their career. She said her seniors will be taking their CNA test on May 6, potentially being certified before they graduate high school.

“So they learn how to actually do hands-on patient care,” Franklin said. “They have 25 different skills that they learn. We go through ethics and law, dignity, respect, laws pertaining to elderly patients disease process, aging and patient care skills.”

Franklin said that students can stay with the program through all four years at Clay County High School. She said each year students build on their skills before reaching certification.

“It’s very rewarding,” Franklin said. “I’ve had students that still even years after I’ve been doing this, they’ll contact me and keep me up to date of what they’re doing in healthcare.”

Franklin said the official ceremony for programs being recognized had to be held on ZOOM, due to COVID. However, she said just seeing Clay County High School be recognized across the state gave she and her students a true sense of pride.