Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Clay County High’s Tennis Courts Get Love From City, Volunteers

Clay County High School’s tennis courts have been shown the love.

Boys and Girls Tennis Coach Tasha Bailey said that the courts were full of cracks and in need of repair. Bailey said Mayor Luke Collins and city workers volunteered to use some leftover supplies from the recent city court renovation to upgrade the Bulldogs’ facility.

“It was a concern, it was a safety issue,” Bailey said. “If the ball were to land in one of the cracks, it would definitely alter the trajectory so they needed to be repaired.”

Bailey said that students practiced on the best of the courts and avoided the cracks, but the courts were not fit to host regulated matches. Bailey said her players are very excited about having the courts repaired and looking forward to finally playing some home matches.

Bailey said the renovation took several months for repair and painting, with all of the labor being volunteer-based.

“We’re thankful that our city takes pride in our school system that they do, that the mayor and the employees do,” Bailey said.

Bailey said the tennis practice has yet to resume for the spring, they have already been of great use for the high school’s PE classes.

“I’m happy for the kids,” Bailey said. “The kids take a lot of pride in their home courts.”