Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Happening Now

Clay Co. Chamber Introduces Program To Connect Employers With Workers

The Clay County Chamber of Commerce has started a hiring program to directly connect employers with prospective workers.

Director Doug Young said he developed the idea with the goal to decrease high unemployment rates in the county.

“Come by the chamber and fill out a generic application, and then what we will do is scan that application and provide it to area employers,” Young said. “That way the employers can look to see who is available.”

Young said from speaking with local employers, almost all industries are hiring. Young said factories, construction companies and the food industry have the highest need.

“We looked around the community, and our unemployment rate has been high,” Young said. “However, I kept asking around, and there seems to be plenty of jobs at the entry level and the skill level.”

Young said he believes the program has a good chance of working. Young said since implementation on Tuesday, two businesses have already joined.

“And it is to our advantage,” Young said. “If you have a job, you are making more, so that helps the entire economy of the community.”