Thursday, January 28, 2021
Happening Now

Byrdstown In Talks Of Taking Over Pall Mall Utility District

Byrdstown’s Utility District could be expanding as talks of incorporating the Chanute-Pall Mall Utility District have began.

Byrdstown Mayor Sam Gibson said the Fentress County district has had trouble maintaining its lines, which started the discussion.

“Being a small utility district, they’ve had a few situations,” Gibson said. “And it’s just became a little bit hard for them to have the man power to operate and maintain.”

Gibson said at this point, a purchase does not seem necessary with Byrdstown expected to take over all assets. Gibson said any resources the district owns will go towards making operations up to Byrdstown’s code.

“There would be no reason for them to purchase, because who does the money go to,” Gibson said. “There’s a board that runs it, and they were established by both county governments, cause they are located in Pall Mall, which is in Fentress County and part of the water lines are in Pickett County.”

Gibson said both districts are working with Tennessee Association of Utility Districts for guidance.

“Trying to gradually and slowly work our way through this and making sure that we have the people involved that need to be,” Gibson said. “(…) I don’t know if that is a really long process. If it is short. I don’t know. This is new to us and new to them.”

Byrdstown currently sells water to the Chanute-Pall Mall Utility District, so Gibson said customers should not expect a difference in service.