Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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BonDeCroft Elementary Parent Concerned About New Visitor Restrictions

A parent at BonDeCroft Elementary School shared her disapproval of a new visitation policy with the White County School Board during their Thursday meeting.

Lisa Cooper said the new policy allows just one parent per child to visit the school during lunchtime, parties, and other events. Cooper said she understands the importance of school security, but feels the policy is too extreme.

“Parents are missing out,” Cooper said. “Kids are going to miss out. It’s going to be detrimental to an already, it’s hard to get here as it is. I have to work. So now we have to decide who gets the privilege of being a part of our children’s lives? Is that extreme? It is. That’s what it feels like.”

Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger said individual school visitation policies are made by principals. He said he understands the school’s desire for the rule and Cooper’s problem with it. Dronebarger said he will look into the decision further.

Cooper said the policy was released about a week before Halloween. Cooper said the new policy also forbids visitors from bringing cell phones into the school.

“I had a Halloween party with my daughter and a birthday party a week apart,” Cooper said. “I couldn’t take a picture of us at that. Is that a big deal to some? Probably not. It is to me.”

Cooper said the new policy is going to negatively affect students’ siblings, grandparents, and other relatives as well.

“Are we dangerous?” Cooper said. “Why are you letting either of us in if we’re dangerous?”