Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Board Of Regents Approves “Fusion” Of TCAT Crossville, Livingston Admin

The Tennessee Board of Regents approved what it is calling the “fusion” of the TCAT Crossville and TCAT Livingston administration Friday.

The regents did not discuss the item at all Friday in its quarterly meeting, but rather reported the work of the Academic Policies and Programs/Student Life Committee Thursday. Executive Vice Chancellor Russ Deaton said Thursday the plan had been in the works for several months. Deaton said committee chairs discussed it about a month ago.

The individual campuses would exist, but the leadership would be under one unit. Board of Regents Vice Chair Emily Reynolds called the combination of the two administrations a fusion, echoing the wording used Thursday.

Deaton seemed to indicate in his comments that Crossville TCAT President Cliff Wightman might be leading the merged administration.

“Wightman has received rave reviews from the faculty and staff on the college there,” Deaton said Thursday.

Deaton did not indicate how the Crossville and Livingston administrations would be integrated, but did note this is just the first step in a two-year process.