Friday, July 19, 2024
Happening Now

Baxter To One-Way Broad Street To Improve Flow

Baxter Aldermen voted Thursday night to one-way Broad Street in an effort to continue the revitalization of the downtown.

Mayor John Martin said he had talked to a lot of the business owners who saw the increased parking as a benefit. Martin said the plan would also include clear markings and signage to move people eastbound.

“I think it’d be beneficial to the city of Baxter to make that one way,” Martin said. “We’ll have to do signage and make sure this is done right. But I think it’ll make our town flow a lot better.”

Martin said residents park in all directions around the downtown grocery store. He said with renovations underway on several buildings, the time is now to improve parking and the look of the area.

“We’ve got all the business people that’s really looking forward to revitalization of our downtown,” Martin said. “That’s what we’ve all, the whole board has wanted this for years and years.”

Plans exist for further changes in the corridor, Martin said, with a steering committee’s work outlining what the possibilities could be. Martin sai he’s talked to UCDD and other agencies about grants available to conduct revitalization work.

“So we’re going to go after all we can get, and we’re just hoping that we can do that and make our town a beautiful place to live,” Martin said. .

In other business, a trash truck issue slowed pickup this week. The mechanical issue has been repaired. Aldermen also approved the bid on a rescue trailer for the fire department.