Monday, April 22, 2024
Happening Now

Baxter Approves Rezonings Ahead of Portobello Construction

Baxter City Council voted Thursday to rezone two pieces of property purchased by Portobello for light industrial use.

Mayor John Martin said the rezoning means Portobello now needs the proper permitting in order to construct its facilities.

“We did that for the old Martin property and where the race track was at, so all that was finalized today,” Martin said. “Portobello is getting ready to get all the permitting for all their property. Got to get TDEC permitting, TDOT permitting, City of Baxter permitting, and there’s a lot they’ve got to do so we’re in the process now. That could take up to two months.”

Martin said a groundbreaking for the new headquarters may not take place this calendar year due to timing.

“The time frame as far as them starting could be delayed because winter will be coming on… but they’re going to get started here as soon as they can,” Martin said. “As far as the groundbreaking and the ceremony and all, we’re probably do that in the spring. We want the governor and every other person we can get here.”

The Brazilian tile manufacturer will construct its $150 million headquarters in two phases, beginning with office spaces as soon as possible, while phase two will include manufacturing spaces.

Council members voted unanimously to approve each of the resolutions.