Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Attention Eagle Lovers: Dale Hollow Lake Eagle Watch Returns Late January

Dale Hollow Lake’s annual Eagle Watch returns in late January to provide guests with a unique way to go bird watching.

Park Ranger Desmaray Brown said the event will provide a rare opportunity to see the eagles nesting in the area from a barge used in the operations of the park. Brown said there is an large influx of eagles around the time of the event as migratory eagles come to the lake.

“You get to ride an open air barge,” Brown said. “Our Friends group will be providing hot refreshments, so like hot cocoa. It’ll just be a good time to be out in nature and observing eagles. We’ll keep a count of them. We’ll just be enjoying hot cocoa. We’ll help set up scopes and that sort of thing.”

Brown said the event has been an annual tradition since 1980. She said there is a population of eagles nesting around the lake year-round that gets heightened during the winter season thanks to the lake’s large food supply.

“We’ve got abundant food sources available for them such as waterfowl and fish that they like to eat,” Brown said. “I know not a lot of people see eagles commonly, so you see the rare opportunity to get out on the water and see these amazing creatures.”

The event will take place on January 20 and 27. Brown said the event is free to the public with only a $1 reservation fee that can be paid online.

“Guests are encouraged to bring things to help the trip be more enjoyable for them, such as a blanket or thermos, snacks, camera, binoculars,” Brown said.