Monday, April 15, 2024
Happening Now

Algood Opens Extension To Big Mac Drive, Relieve Wal Mart Area Congestion

Algood’s much-anticipated extension to Big Mac Drive has opened, providing a second exit from the Wal Mart parking lot.

The opening is both an effort to solve current traffic congestion as well as prepare for more businesses moving in. Algood City Administrator Keith Morrison said he hopes the road will help citizens. Morrison said the area has been the biggest source of most of the traffic problems around Algood.

“We’re excited to have it open, we think it’s a big deal,” Morrison said. “We think it’ll help with traffic out there, give folks an extra way to exit McDonald’s and Taco Bell and Zaxby’s if they wanna come back into town.”

Morrison said that a new Waffle House and Checkers are already expected to open in the area, with more on the way. Morrison said that as more businesses continue to open he hopes that they will draw more people towards downtown.

“We barely got the ‘road closed’ signs moved and there was already a couple of folks coming through,” Morrison said. “So I think they’ll start using it. I expected more traffic on it but I think as people get used to it, figure out what it’s in, I think there will be more and more folks using it.”

Morrison said that Algood has seen both more out-of-town corporations and small local businesses opening up recently.

“A little bit of both, it just depends,” Morrison said. “Of course, a new coffee shop downtown is open with new owners so we’re excited about that and hopefully we’ll continue to grow.”

Morrison said that the more local and corporate-owned businesses open in Algood the better. Morrison said the more traffic these businesses can generate in the city, the more it helps all of its civilians. The city used ARP funding to expand the roadway.