Friday, May 25, 2018
Happening Now

Algood Hoping To Build Farmer’s Market

The City of Algood approved first reading of an ordinance last night that establishes rules and regulations for a future farmer’s market.

“The city is undertaking the possibility of building a farmer’s market adjacent to city hall,” Mayor Kirk Dyer said. “We’ve got to adopt the regulations for this.”

City officials did not say when the farmer’s market would be built, but City Administrator Keith Morrison did say that the city plans to allow certain vendors to set up shop at the city hall parking lot until the actual farmer’s market is constructed.

“This is just a permitting process and definition for the farmer’s market to make sure we have some process in place to control who is there and that they aren’t just shipping in things from Walmart,” Morrison said.

Morrison pointed out that the ordinance does not include a permit fee at this time, but that could change depending on the amount of vendors that utilize the farmer’s market.

“My preference would be no fee or a very low fee as an incentive for people for bringing their produce and stuff,” Councilman Luke Hill said. “I love the idea of a Saturday morning farmer’s market.”