Saturday, June 12, 2021
Happening Now

A Thursday Vote Will Determine The Future Of McMinnville’s VFW Auxiliary

The McMinnville VFW Auxiliary could cease to exist due to low numbers and participation.

Members will gather Thursday to vote on the future of the veteran services at a special called meeting. President Sarah Connor said the group does not have a facility or younger members to take over, leaving no choice but to consider closing.

“Our post home did close a couple of years ago, and since then, it has become very hard to get enough people to come to our meetings to even fill all of our positions,” Connor said.

Connor said only about five or six members have been consistently attending meetings, which is barely a quorum. Conner said in order for the auxiliary to continue, at least 10 votes in favor are needed.

“It breaks my heart,” Connor said. “I am very upset about it. We have one lady who is currently still alive that was on the original charter for our organization, and I know how upset she is. Something that was started 72, 73 years ago and to see it go away is heartbreaking.”

Connor said members have been working since last September to try and bring numbers up. Connor said all members have received notification of Thursday’s meeting and are encouraged to participate.

“Our by-laws spell out exactly what we have to do and this letter we had to send out to have this meeting we’re going to be having,” Connor said. “For the people to come and express yes, we want to keep our auxiliary going or they don’t show up.”

Connor said if she had to pick a side, she would vote to close the auxiliary. Connor said it is not because they do not want to serve veterans, but soon no one will be available to operate the group.