Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Happening Now

A/C Wiring Causes Small Fire At Putnam County Signature Healthcare

Fire crews responded to Signature Healthcare of Putnam County for a commercial fire Wednesday morning.

The Algood Fire Department found that a A/C motor on the roof shorted and began filling the D Wing with light smoke. The fire department provided smoke removal and deemed the scene to be safe after resetting smoke alarms and notifying maintenance crews.

No residents or staff were injured. Upon arrival of units, nothing was visible from the exterior of the building. Further investigation confirmed light smoke in the D Wing with fire alarm activation.

Crews removed ceiling tiles in an attempt to locate the source of the smoke, nothing was visible above this level. Thermal imaging camera found no heat signatures, so crews went to the roof to investigate the A/C units.

Positive heat signatures were located on a unit, and it was opened up. It was determined the blower motor had shorted and found burnt wiring associated with it, which caused smoke to be drawn into the building. Power was shut off to this unit and maintenance was made aware.