Monday, June 17, 2024
Happening Now

300K Grant To Rehab Gainesboro Memorial Building

Jackson County will use a $300,000 grant to rehab the Memorial Building in Gainesboro.

Mayor Randy Heady said the grant will be used to create more office space and a community room. Exterior repairs will also be done on the building that houses the American Legion, the Anti-Drug Coalition, and the Chamber of Commerce.

“Very thankful for the E.C.D. the Tennessee Economic & Community Development Department for giving us, awarding us this grant,” Heady said. “And excited to see what happens with that.”

Heady said the majority of the money will cover inside renovations. Roof and window replacements are also in the plans.

“Remodeling, that’s a big part of the inside of the building is remodeling,” Heady said. “Going to be turning some walls out, making some spaces bigger and painting, and putting a new ceiling in. So that’s probably gonna eat most of the money up.”

Heady said he is hopeful that the project will get started soon.

“We’ve been working on that,” Heady said. “Trying to get that grant now for a few months and we have gotten hits so we will be working on that building and improving it.”