Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Wiggins Sees Positve Impact In Monterey Alcohol Sales

Monterey Mayor Bill Wiggins said the town is “tiptoeing into the wetness” following the allowance of alcohol sales.

24/7 Wall Street released a report Monday regarding the drunkest and driest cities in the United States in regards to alcohol consumption.

Wiggins said Monterey was dry until a referendum passed during the 2014 election, allowing beer and liquor sales.

“Back in the early going Monterey was wet in the fact that there were people who sold beer downtown,” Wiggins said. “Later on that changed and Monterey was dry as a chip.”

Wiggins said recent calculations indicate over $5,000 in beer tax revenue entering the town.

“For a town our size and the budget we have, that is significant,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins said unless something major happens, beer and alcohol sales could be here to stay in Monterey.

“I think with Monterey’s track record so far with nothing to the contrary… we’ll be content with beer and alcohol sales,” Wiggins said.

Six of the top 15 driest cities in America are in Tennessee, including Kingsport/Bristol, Knoxville, Johnson City, Cleveland, Morristown, and Jackson.