Sunday, February 28, 2021
Happening Now

White County School’s Family Resource Center Tackles Rising Needs

White County School’s Family Resource Center has seen an increase in homelessness and kids in need during the pandemic.

Director Beverly Dronebarger said the Family Resource Center tries to provide food, laundry service, housing resources and utility assistance. Dronebarger said when kids go to school without their basic needs met, it is difficult to perform in the classroom.

“If their clothes aren’t clean, if they’ve not eaten, they’re hungry, that’s what they think about,” Dronebarger said. “If we can eliminate some of those seemingly simple things, it really helps the student to be more successful and the family to feel supported by the school.”

Dronebarger said during this Christmas season, over 160 kids were able to get gifts. She said churches and community organizations made this possible with the Family Resource Center.

“With Christmas, when there’s so many other needs that I know are probably more pressing, these kids still want Christmas presents too,” Dronebarger said. “It makes their families feel bad that they can’t give them that. So, if we can provide a little assistance in that area, it gives the family and the students hope.”

Information about White County School’s Family Resource Center is available on White County School’s website. Dronebarger said she can be reached about the center at 931-260-9552.