Friday, June 22, 2018
Happening Now

White County Leads UC In Tennessee Promise Mentors

White County leads the Upper Cumberland when it comes to Tennessee Promise volunteer mentors.

A total of 34 mentors have signed up to assist White County High School seniors taking part in the Tennessee Promise Program. Principal Grant Swallows said that’s 76-percent of the total amount of needed mentors in the county.

“This connects and adult with somebody that’s going out into their first year of college and it’s nothing overly time consuming, but it’s just somebody to be there to talk to,” Swallows said. “I think the 76-percent really speaks to our folks in our community really wanting to get behind our students.”

The Upper Cumberland as a whole needs a total of 496-mentors to reach student demand in the region. So far 49-percent of that goal has been met before the December first deadline to apply.

Tennessee Promise mentors help students navigate the college admission process and ensure they complete the Tennessee Promise program requirements in order to receive the scholarship.

You can apply to be a mentor at