Saturday, September 18, 2021
Happening Now

White Co. Using Grant To Plan For UC Regional Commercials Flights

White County plans to hire a consultant to assist in bringing commercial flights to the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport.

County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said the adviser would help plan future projects, so the airport layout keeps the possibility open.

“We don’t want to do anything, like the T-Hangars,” Robinson said. “This plan won’t actually be for T-Hangars, but we don’t want to build this T-Hanger where it would prevent us from having a commuter flight. We just want to make sure the steps we are taking don’t prevent growth.”

The regional airport is currently working to bring a feeder flight through the Essential Air Service program. Robinson said the location of the facility presents an opportunity for flights to Nashville and Knoxville.

Robinson said $25,000 of a $50,000 ThreeStar grant is paying for the position. Robinson said the other half will be spent with Cookeville’s Biz Foundry to provide resources to White County businesses.

“I see this from time to time in my line of work,” Robinson said. “Somebody has a great idea or has a good product they can make or a good service to provide and they are good at it and know how to do it. But, the business side of it hurts them. It is the things you don’t know like taxes, patents, quarterly reports, LLC’s. There are so many things out there. You may have a good idea, but you need help working through the business and law side of it. That’s what the resources the Biz Foundry can provide.”