Friday, January 21, 2022
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White Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Says New Education Program A Success In Schools

The White County Sheriff’s Department has launched a new program for White County Schools. The program is called SSAFE, or Sheriff’s Substance Abuse For Education.

Sheriff Steve Page said that he and some of his SRO officers came up with the program after not being able to afford D.A.R.E. Page said they wanted to have a similar education program for students.

“If the children don’t know what drugs are how do they know what to stay away from,” Page said. “There have been several instances where younger children have brought drugs to school through the years and didn’t even know what they had in their hands, and alcohol. And you know we’re having a big problem with vaping in the schools right now. So we’re just trying to educate the children.”

Page said that the program will educate students on things like drugs, alcohol, and vaping and how each affects your body. He said that they will also educate on bullying and cyberbullying to help bring students more awareness of potential issues.

Page said that by using a program like SSAFE, schools can better prevent students from trying drugs or illegal substances in the future. He said he feels like it’s the duty of the Sheriff’s Department to best educate the children of White County. Page said that thus far, the program has been met with positive reviews.

“We’ve already started putting it out into schools right now,” Page said. “SRO Derrick Dale and others, they’re teaching it now, they’re going to the schools and helping get it going. Chief Dobson, he’s involved. It’s a joint effort with the schools and with the sheriff’s department to try and educate our kids. There is so much in the world right now to head them in the wrong direction and it’s our job to help them stay in the right direction and on the right path.”