Sunday, July 21, 2024
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White Co. Schools Exploring Building Projects With Incoming COVID Funds

The White County School System looks to complete two capital projects with an expected $3.9 million in COVID funds on the way.

Replacing the White County Middle School rooftop and a proposed expansion of Bon De Croft Elementary are two priorities. Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger said both projects were put on hold last year due to COVID creating budget unknowns.

“Roofing project at White County Middle School that is causing a lot of leaking and even some mold issues in some spots, we really need to get done,” Dronebarger said. “And then there is an addition to Bon De Croft Elementary that we would like to make for a similar reason.”

Dronebarger said an outbuilding beside the Bon De Croft gymnasium faces flooding problems. Dronebarger said the proposed project would link those two buildings to the main school while also reworking storm water drainage.

“It would also help from a safety aspect,” Dronebarger said. “It would connect our gymnasium and that outbuilding to the rest of the school, so it would provide a safety feature, as well.”

Six new classrooms and a media room would be included inside the connecting project. Dronebarger said both upgrades are apart of the school’s five year plan. Price tags are unknown at this point as the school system focuses on completing the funding application, which is due next month.

“Those funds should be coming out pretty quickly,” Dronebarger said. “I don’t know the exact date, but I know the application is a rushed process, so we want to get these ideas down on paper. Everyone across the state and really the nation is going to be getting funds, and so, there will be lots of ideas and lots of contractors and architects needed, so we want to be ready to go.”

Funds can also be used for learning loss and technology. Dronebarger said the exact break down of spending is still under discussion.