Sunday, March 7, 2021
Happening Now

White Co. Commission In Charge Of Filling District 7 Seat

Residents of White County’s seventh district can now submit their name for nomination to become a county commissioner.

During Monday’s commission meeting, the resignation of commissioner Bobby McCulley left the district with a vacant seat. County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said residents can either reach out to his office or a county commissioner to be recommended.

“County Commissioner Chairman will take nominations from the floor,” Robinson said. “A county commissioner will have to nominate you to fill that position. Technically, each commissioner can nominate one person. The nominations are taken until there is a motion that all nominations seize. Then, there is a role call vote.”

Robinson said the winning candidate must receive majority of the vote. If a majority is not established after the first round, the person with the lowest number will be dropped. This process continues until a winner is decided.

Robinson said the vacant seat makes the majority vote seven with 13 commissioners. Robinson said filling the seat is up to the commission but expects this process to take place in February. District seven does not go unrepresented with Commissioner Stanley Neal still in service.