Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Happening Now

White Co. Approves Appointment Of New State Residential Building Inspector

White County has approved the appointment of  Brett Nash to be the new Residential Building Inspector.

County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said the idea is to keep the money paid to the state for inspections circulating in the county.

“Right now White County doesn’t do its own inspections the state of Tennessee does them so they come in and buy permits and the state organizes all of it, and they go and they inspect the place, the permit goes to the state, to Nashville,” Robinson said. “So we’re moving that in-house. White County is going to start having their own building regulations and we’re going to have our own building inspector.”

Robinson said year-to-date, the county has already paid $88,000 to the state to complete county building inspections. He said the county is currently in negotiations for the new salary, but the county has budgeted some $80,000 including training.

Robinson said he believes the situation to be a win-win for the county.

“As a contractor, it’s practically impossible to get an inspection from the state as it is now,” County Commissioner T. K. Austin said. “And it’ll make it a lot easier for the contractors inside our county to do business.”

The County also approved the appointment of its new County Attorney, Sam Benningfield. Benningfield returns from retirement to the position following former County Attorney John Meadows’ win in the General Sessions Judge election.