Friday, December 2, 2022
Happening Now

White Co Animal Shelter Battling Capacity Issues

The White County Animal Shelter has reached capacity.

Director Sara Lawson said on average, the shelter holds about 25 dogs. The facility currently has 38 animals without homes.

“We are busting at the seams with how many dogs we have,” Lawson said. “We are consistently getting calls about more strays to pick up. People are calling every day to surrender their dog. It is getting overwhelming.”

Lawson said in her two years as director, the shelter has never been this full. Lawson said she thinks the current climate of economic issues as well as overbreeding has caused more people to release their pets.

“People need to stop breeding their dogs,” Lawson said. “They may think their puppies are going to good homes, but next thing you know, we’re getting all those puppies. Their puppies are going to all of the shelters. There is a lot of backyard breeders.”

Lawson said the best way to fight the capacity issues moving forward is to spay an neuter your pets. Lawson said the capacity means the shelter has several pets for adoption. Lawson said several dogs have sponsors, so adoption fees have dropped to $25.