Monday, October 2, 2023
Happening Now

Whence We Came: Retired Nurse Anesthetist Dr. Jimmy Moore & Retired Urologist Dr. Lee Moore Pt. 3 – Their Families

Jimmy & Lee talk about meeting their wives and the growing of their families.

On this week’s edition of Whence We Came – Host John Owen meets with Dr. Jimmy Moore, a retired nurse anesthetist and Dr. Lee Moore, a retired urologist, for part three of the series. The three discuss the parallels between the two brothers talking about how they both met their wives, Jimmy’s kids and where they are today, looking back when Lee met his wife in rotation as a senior medical student at Baptist Hospital, moving to Philadelphia to receive a pre-requisite Lee needed before moving to Minnesota.

Whence We Came airs Sunday afternoons at 2pm on News Talk 94.1.