Saturday, March 28, 2020
Happening Now

West 14th Townhouse Development Pulled From Commission Agenda

A proposed townhouse development on West 14th Street will not be a topic of discussion when the Cookeville Planning Commission meets next week.

Planning Director John Ward said the developer has withdrawn the project plans from the agenda.

“I think they’re going back to do some more studying,” Ward said. “There’s a sinkhole retention area located in the center of this, and any development activities within those sinkhole retention areas requires a geotechnical study. I think they may be pursuing their options, as far as getting a study done to see if they can get some more room.”

The site for the proposed development sits just North of the T-Mart at North Willow Avenue and West 12 Street. Cookeville City Council voted to close part of West 14th Street earlier this month to make way for the project.

Ward said he doesn’t know when the commission will receive the plans for the project.

“We’ve seen this several times. It first came to us as a multi family development that just went through the site plan process that was approved,” Ward said. “They then went to townhomes and back to multi family, but now, they’re back to townhomes, so we’ll just see what happenes.”

The Cookeville Planning Commission meets Monday at 5:30 p.m. inside city hall.