Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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WCHS Finalizes New Leadership Team Ahead Of Next School Year

Warren County High School has finalized its new leadership team.

Chris Hobbs will serve as the new Executive Principal following Clark George taking a new position at the Central Office. Hobbs has also selected five to serve as his academy principals.

“They’re tremendous leaders and they have different ways of leading and different forms of leading,” Hobbs said. “And their strengths really play off of my weaknesses. And in order to be a good team, you need to have everyone bring something to the table.”

The new academy principals are Penny Shockley, Jacob Dunn, Phillip King, Anna Geesling and Anthony Lippe. Hobbs said that he and his team have several goals for the coming years, with one of the main goals being accountability in all facets of the school. He said that he believes in doing so, they can be their best in everything from academics, to athletics, to the arts.

Hobbs said taking the role marks his return home to Warren County. A graduate of Warren County High School, Hobbs said that he’s spent time in various school districts across the state.

“I was the assistant principal at Franklin Count High School for seven years,” Hobb said. “And previous to that I was PreK-8 Tracy City Elementary Principal, and last year I was the principal of South Middle School in Franklin County, Tennessee.”‘

Hobbs said that after serving so many students across the state, he felt it was time to bring those skills to students from his home as well as be closer to family.

Hobbs said that he’s excited to get the next year underway with the families and students of Warren County High School. He said that he looks forward to creating a safe, fun environment where kids will feel respected, understood, and loved.