Friday, May 25, 2018
Happening Now

Water/Sewer Enhancement Project Getting Underway In Algood

The major water and sewer line enhancement project is getting underway in Algood.

Approved two months ago, the project will increase fire hydrant flow from city hall all the way across Main Street to Mirandy Road.

“We’ve met with the engineer and looked at the final plan as well as beginning the easement access to property.” City Administrator Keith Morrison said. “All the paper work has been turned in to USDA so everything is in line there with the loan and for the grant to take place.”

The project is being funded by a 1$.89 million loan from USDA Rural Development. The city will be providing $210,000 towards the final project price.

“In this certain area of town that this is going to affect, it’s very necessary and probably will be placing some lines that have been in the ground more than 50-years,” Mayor Kirk Dyer said. “It will definitely increase our fire hydrant flow, which will assist our fire department and it could possibly help us towards a better ISO rating.”

The sewer line enhancement will involve adding a sewer station behind Brookside Drive to carry gravity fed sewer line from Arbor Place, Oakhaven Place, Old Walton Circle, Old Walton Road and up to Dry Valley.

“This has been a long time coming for those folks that were annexed sometime ago, but have not received this,” Dyer said.