Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

Water Reduction Now Mandatory In Pickett County

The Byrdstown Water Department has issued a county-wide mandatory water reduction for customers.

Officials said the mandatory reduction will last for the next 24-hours.

Water Department Superintendent Malcolm Harmon said the plant cannot meet water demands at the current time because of above average usage.

“With the weather conditions the way it is and the water quality coming out of the lake the way it is, we’ve had to clean our filters more than what we normally do,” Harmon said. “Water quality going out to customers is really good, it’s just where we’ve had the rains over the last few weeks. The lake is really muddy and it’s hard for us to keep our filters clean enough to produce water.”

Harmon said there’s a real possibility that customers could lose water at some point throughout the next 24-hours.

Residents will receive reverse 911 calls informing them of any changes to the restriction.