Friday, July 19, 2024
Happening Now

Warren Schools Granted School Calendar Waiver

The Warren County School Calendar will remain the same after using more stockpile days than originally allotted.

Director of Schools Grant Swallows said that sickness and weather forced the school to go over its original 13 stockpile days. Swallows said that they were able to petition for a waiver to avoid extending the school year.

“Based on what we experienced this year our board felt like that was the thing to do,” Swallows said. “We petitioned Commissioner Schwinn and she granted that request. So our school calendar will remain the same and we will implement a waiver for two of those school days. So our school calendar will be 178 days this year.”

Swallows said that this is not necessarily a common situation.

“Now I think there are years certainly where weather is tough,” Swallows said. “For us in Warren County, we deal not only with snow but being right at the base of mountains we deal with flooding and rainy April seasons. So you just have to be smart about using your days and keeping student safety at the forefront of it all.”

Swallows said that they aren’t thrilled to have used more stockpile days than allotted, but it came as part of that goal to keep students and employees safe.

Swallows said that if they did not receive the waiver, they would’ve had to extend the school year or use already designated breaks. He said that Warren County’s last day of school will be on May 26th.