Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Warren Budget: Employee Raises, No Tax Change

Warren County’s proposed budget includes $2,500 raises for all full-time staff and no change to property tax.

County Executive Terry Bell credits conservative spending for the county’s ability to offer pay bumps and build on its existing general fund balance. He said part-time employees will receive $1,250 raises. Bell said this was a smooth year for the county’s budget committee.

“It’s really important,” Bell said. “We really appreciate our employees and we want them to be motivated for Warren County government, and last year, we were able to partner with the school system and put an employee clinic in, which, that means our employees can go there free of charge.”

Bell said the proposed budget also includes a new position to handle paperwork for the Codes, Animal Control, and Maintenance Departments. He said the proposed budget will head to the Warren County Commissioners on June 24 for approval.

“It just goes to show that our government is being really conservative and trying to make sure we spend the taxpayers’ money wisely because that’s our job,” Bell said. “We’re trying to be good stewards of that money.”

He said the new position would offer much-needed relief to several of the county’s departments with heavy workloads. He said no major projects or purchases are planned, but the county is planning to budget for a new truck for the Animal Control Department.

“We will have a vote and, hopefully, the budget will be passed and it will take place July 1 then,” Bell said. “It’ll go into effect.”

He said as of now, the budget is finalized and the committee’s hands are off.