Saturday, September 22, 2018
Happening Now

Walk with a Doc Kicks Off

Cookeville Regional Medical Center kicked off the annual Walk with a Doc program this morning.

Cardiologist Dr. Mariano Battaglia lead the first walk in the six-month series.

“Walking is the best medicine to not only prevent cardiovascular disease or heart disease, but also every other disease you can think of,” Battaglia said. “You can do it throughout the day but as long as you do it, that’s the best medicine.”

Over 30 children and adults participated in the mile walk around the hospital’s wellness path.

Among others, Jeff Adcock joined the walk this morning. Adcock receives treatment through Cookeville Regional’s Rehab Center for a double lung transplant.

“It’s really healthy for everybody,” Adcock said. “They need to do more of this. ”

Joe Daniels also receives treatment at the Rehab Center. Daniels said he sees how the program benefits all people.

“You’ve got a lot of us who can’t go on these 5k and 10k runs and stuff like that,” Daniels said. “We’ll get out and walk to keep us from sitting around and doing nothing.”

Various walkers joined for different reasons. Melissa Branch said her family recently relocated to Cookeville and she is looking for ways to stay healthy.

“My goal is to do the haunted half to get back in shape,” Branch said.

As many join for the exercise, some use it as a way to get involved with the community. Glynda Greene said she chooses to walk with the program so she can enjoy the company.

“I like to walk with Walk with a Doc because you get to meet all these nice people,” Greene said.

The program works towards educating the public and getting individuals involved in their own health.

“We are there to help when somebody is sick and help them steer toward the best therapy possible,” Battaglia said. “Most of the time is not medication, it’s not procedures, it’s for them to take matters into their own hands and exercise. ”

The series of walks continues each Saturday morning until September 29. For more information, visit Cookeville Regional’s Facebook page.