Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Happening Now

Van Buren Schools Requesting Its Part of State Payment

Van Buren County School Director Cheryl Cole said the school system has requested its part of a $200,000 payment designed to help Van Buren County.

The money came from the state to help bridge the gap with the Fall Creek Falls Inn closed. Cole said she wants to make sure the school system gets its share from county commissioners.

“Several years ago the inn was torn down and the state committed $200,000 each year to the county,” Cole said. “It was in place of the hotel/motel tax and we were just asking for our part of it.”

Cole said there will be a meeting on getting the money for schools in January.

Cole said this money does not have to be allocated in any particular way for the school system. Van Buren County Commissioners said they believe they can pay $84,000 to the schools in January, with potentially more funding coming in the Spring.