Saturday, October 16, 2021
Happening Now

Van Buren Mayor Looking To Help 911

Van Buren County Mayor Greg Wilson said county officials are looking for creative ways to help the county’s 911 center.

Regional media have reported the Van Buren 911 has run into financial problems.

“As far as they’re going broke, no, they’re a ways away from that, but they’re actually having to get into the reserves by the end of the year to pay their bills, but we’re, I can’t speak for the city but the county will do all we can to help them out,” Wilson said.

Van Buren County 911 isn’t part of government, it’s a separate entity, like a utility district.

“Like I say, they receive funds through different ways, through us, the city and I think that’s the biggest issue, we actually increased our funding some 20 percent last year,” Wilson said.

The county government pays just over $60,000 a year for the 911 center’s services, Wilson said. He said the city of Spencer pays about $28,000 as well.