Friday, January 21, 2022
Happening Now

Van Buren Listing BDS Property Through Local Realtor

Van Buren County has listed its BDS property back for sale through a local realtor.

The some 15 acres was originally approved for sale to Priority Waste, a local waste service, in April. Mayor Greg Wilson said the matter went back to committee after hearing no response from the company.

“We tried a couple of different projects on that property,” Wilson said. “So, it was decided by Committee B to present last month or the month before to sell the property. Then, we had to put it out to bid for real estate representation.”

Wilson said Michelle Harmon of Re/Max Real Estate will be the agent to find interested parties. Wilson said the original intention was to sell the Pine Drove Road site to build a transfer station.

Wilson said the sale price that had been agreed on in April was for $200,000. He said the county has owned the property since 2016.

Wilson said BDS is a name used for the land, citing it as the old Best Disposal Services property.