Friday, January 21, 2022
Happening Now

Van Buren Getting Estimates On Building Repairs To Bring In A Day Care

Day care opportunities in Van Buren County could be on the rise with three parties interested in opening a facility.

Mayor Greg Wilson said the county has a building called the Old Masonic Building that could be used. But, the location needs some $25,000 of renovations.

“We have the Head Start that’s ran by the UCHRA over in our 3rd district in the Fall Creek Falls area,” Wilson said. “They I think are allowed 38 kids. I think that’s what they are allowed. Well, you know there is more than that in this county that need to be serviced. Hopefully, we can get something worked out.”

Wilson said he would work on getting estimates on work, so the building and grounds committee could consider. Wilson said the building needs more entrances, a sprinkler system, a kitchen and a fenced yard.

“Then they will either approve it and send to the full commission or disapprove it at that time and if they disapprove it then it’s dead,” Wilson said.

The building is located behind the Burritt Memorial Library at College Street.