Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Happening Now

Van Buren Fair Board Taking Over Farmer’s Market Booking

Event booking for the Van Buren County Farmer’s Market will now operate under the county’s fair board.

Board President Lesa Bouldin said the county used to oversee the operation but gifted it to the fair board to increase revenue.

“Any time we can make money, it’s going to benefit the fair,” Bouldin said. “Van Buren County is small and rural, and we don’t have a lot of ways to raise money. This will be a way that we can do it, and it doesn’t take a lot of man power.”

Bouldin said the board will meet with the county next week to finalize details such as prices and applications. Bouldin said the facility would be a good place for community members to host family reunions or fundraisers.

Bouldin said the goal is to bring more traction to the Farmer’s Market. Bouldin said the pavilion area has been rarely used recently. Bouldin said the community either uses home gardens or the Mennonite market for their local produce.