Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Van Buren Schools Considering Three Projects In CTE Building

Van Buren County Schools will consider using the remaining funds from an ISM grant to make upgrades to the county’s CTE building.

Director of Schools Jared Copeland named new HVAC units in the building two front classrooms and new LED light fixtures as two of the highest priorities. The board considered replacing the building’s tile flooring with either polished concrete floors or LVP vinyl flooring. Copeland said the system could save on labor and maintenance with these lower-maintenance flooring options. Board Member Barry Austin said sealed concrete could potentially be hazardous.

“I’d be honest with you, if you just seal concrete, it’s slick,” Austin said. “It is extremely sick. Like ice. So, you nearly have to have some sort of texture.”

Copeland said the desks, chairs, and foot traffic scuff the building’s current tile flooring very easily. Several teachers who work in the CTE building voiced their support for the floor replacement, calling the current tile flooring “horrible.” One teacher said she favors installing concrete flooring. Copeland said the HVAC and LED lighting installation may not leave enough money to handle a major floor replacement anyway.

“If we could experiment with this building and try it and kind of see what it’s like, it might be something to think through,” Copeland said. “If it worked out in this building, it might be a way for us to kind of look at maybe doing other parts of the campus over time too.”

He said there is asbestos under the floors of the front two classrooms, so they could not be included. He said the shop would also be left out because the floor is more susceptible to spills and damage. He said with the concrete option, anything that gets onto the floor is stuck there.

He said he plans to look into price options and bring more information to the board before a final decision is reached.